Decriminalize Drug Use

The Yukon is facing an unprecedented opioid crisis. Our communities are being devastated by preventable drug related deaths.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and NDP MP Gord Johns have put forward Bill C216 which will decriminalize personal possession of all elicit drugs.

Many who use drugs are afraid to call 911 for help out of fear of being arrested for drug possession. People are dying because they are afraid to ask for help. Decriminalization will mean those at risk of overdose can call for and receive help without risk of arrest.

How to organize in your riding to win?

In the past, Yukon’s Liberal MP Brendan Hanley has been supportive of harm reduction measures like these, but we are worried that partisanship will get in the way of a good idea.

Ask MP Hanley to support Bill C216 and the decriminalization of personal possession of drugs to combat the opioid crisis by signing our petition!

When the bill is up for second reading, we will deliver the signatures to him before the vote.