How to Vote

There are two options for casting your ballot to select the NDP’s candidate in Yukon:

  1. Mail-in ballot. Ballots must be received by the NDP–Yukon Federal Riding Association by 5pm on July 7th 2015.
  2. In-person ballot. Voting in person will take place at the nomination meeting on July 7th 2015, 7 pm in the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre’s Multipurpose Room.

Each eligible voting member is entitled to cast ONLY ONE ballot in the method of their choice.

Mail-in ballot

Members have received ballots in the mail. It contains:

  • A paper ballot
  • A yellow unmarked envelope
  • A larger envelope that has a name and address line on the front
  • A return envelope pre-addressed to the NDP-Yukon federal riding association (PO Box 31516, Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 6K8)

How to vote by mail:

  1. Mark your ballot. Clearly indicate your choice by marking an “X” or “√” next to the name of your preferred candidate.
  2. Place your completed ballot inside the yellow unmarked envelope and seal it. Do note mark this envelope -- doing so will disqualify the ballot.
  3. Place the sealed, unmarked yellow envelope inside the larger envelope. Print your name and address in the space provided. Seal the envelope and sign your name across the sealed flap.
  4. Place this envelope in the pre-addressed return envelope and affix sufficient postage. Ensure that the envelope is posted with adequate time for it to arrive by July 7th at 5 pm. Remember: Canada Day, July 1st, is a statutory holiday which may increase the 4 to 6 business days Canada Post requires to deliver mail. For faster processing, mail-in ballots can also be dropped off in person before 5 pm on July 7th at the Canada Post office below Shoppers Drug Mart at 211 Main Street in Whitehorse. To drop off your ballot, bring your postage paid envelope to the post office and ask the Canada Post attendant to put it directly into our P.O. Box. Only the Canada Post office on Main Street can accommodate immediate delivery as this is where our P.O. Box is located. Important Information

For Members Of A Household: each eligible voter in a household will receive a separate notice and ballot package, and must individually follow steps 1 to 3. There must be only one ballot per envelope. Two ballots returned in one envelope will both be invalidated.

Voting in person

Voting in person will take place at the nomination meeting on July 7th 2015. Eligible voting members who have not already voted by mail-in ballot will be eligible to vote at the nomination meeting. Please refer to the enclosed notice for in-person registration and voting times. Be sure to bring a piece of current identification that confirms your name. Acceptable identification includes, but is not limited to:

  • driver’s licence
  • Indian status card
  • health care card
  • birth certificate
  • passport
  • student ID card
  • government documentation in your name (for example, a Canada Revenue Agency tax assessment or notice of benefits)
  • a bill or other piece of mail, including the nomination notice, delivered in your name to your address


If you require any clarification regarding the NDP–Yukon’s voting process, please contact riding association president Dan Bader through the NDP Action Hotline at 668-2203 or by email at yukon [at]

Nomination Meeting Agenda

6:30: registration opens

7:00: call to order and overview of procedures

– Adoption of agenda

– Candidate speeches

7:25: Registration closes

7:30: Voting begins

– Guest speaker: NDP finance critic Nathan Cullen

– Announcement of the results

– Speech from nominated candidate

– Adjournment

NDP–Yukon federal riding association AGM

On the same evening as New Democrats in Yukon choose their federal candidate for the 2015 General Election, the NDP Riding Association will hold their annual general meeting. Immediately following the close of the nomination meeting, the AGM will begin and New Democrats will vote on the members who will make up the 2015/2016 riding association that will carry us through the coming election.


Photo: Jamie McCaffrey / flickr. Used under a Creative Commons BY 2.0 licence.