Yukon Federal NDP announce date for nomination meeting to select candidate

The federal New Democratic Party's local Yukon association announced a date for the meeting to select their candidate for the upcoming federal election. Party members will head to the polls on March 28th to decide who will take on the Liberal and Conservative candidates in 2019. It's looking like an exciting contested nomination.

Justin Lemphers, a lifelong Yukoner and longtime labour activist has already announced he will be seeking the nomination. At least one other confirmed candidate is gearing up to challenge him for the nomination. [Kaori Torigai, a project manager and small business owner has since publicly declared her candidacy].

“Many people are feeling very let down by the unfulfilled promises of this Liberal government” said association President Dan Bader. “From backing down on electoral reform, to lack of action on climate change and failing on their commitments to indigenous people, the Liberals have left a lot of voters very disappointed and frustrated.”

Meanwhile, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has been championing issues of importance to progressive Yukoners. Income inequality, investments in renewable energy, and an announcement earlier this week that laid out a bold plan to tackle the housing crisis.

The party is encouraging Yukoners who feel inspired by these ideas to reach out to the NDP and get involved to help make the change they want to see.

Anyone interested in seeking the party nomination for the upcoming federal election should contact the electoral district association.