Second candidate announced for the NDP

WHITEHORSE Today, Kaori (kah-oh-REE or CAR-ee) Torigai announced her intention to seek the federal nomination for the New Democratic Party (NDP) in the 2019 election. A proud Yukoner for the past 20 years, Kaori is new to the political scene. She brings a wealth of career and volunteer experience into this new venture, having worked in both private and public sectors, been a small business owner, and involved with a number of non-profit boards and organizations.


“I decided to enter politics because I believe this is something I can do, and do well,” Torigai explains. “We are all privileged to be part of the democratic process and help shape how our country evolves.” Up until now, she has not been active in politics; recent events have prompted her to reconsider.

“The situation in the rest of the world and the widespread feeling of apathy had me questioning why people weren’t standing up, mobilizing, and creating the momentum to change things. When I understood that I could be a part of the change, not only by voting, but potentially by representing people who care about what’s happening around them, I was inspired to pursue the candidacy.”

"I love this territory,” Torigai says. “I moved here to work and fell for the people, the sincerity, and generosity I found in every community.” Torigai feels her diverse, multi-sector background has informed her perspective on the territory and its future. “The accessibility to nature and our beautiful, remote environment will always be a valuable resource that needs to be protected.
However, I understand that there needs to be a balance to support economic success and employment prospects for our citizens. We need to work together to find common ground, have the difficult conversations, and search out the path that will benefit everyone." 

Torigai has set up a Facebook page and website to promote her candidacy. Members of the territory’s NDP will vote for their federal candidate on March 28th, 2019.


Kaori Torigai
[email protected]