Thank you!!!

From winning the nomination as the candidate for the NDP at the end of March to tearing down and packing up the last bits of the campaign office this week, it was an incredibly busy and fulfilling six plus months.

A million thank yous to our mighty NDP campaign team, amazing volunteers, our kind supporters, to those who generously donated, to all who voted, and especially to those who believed in us. Your contributions were valued and appreciated. You did make a difference. The cliché is true: I could not have done it without other people's help.

Our gratitude runs deep.

Throughout the Yukon, you openly shared your stories with us. Stories of hardship. Stories of injustice. Stories of heartbreak.

We were also inspired by you. Your resilience. Your courage. Your energy. Your need for and belief in change.

Thank you for trusting and entrusting us with your stories. We will honour the responsibility you have given us. We will continue to fight for you, no matter what.

A big shout out to our pan-Northern NDP team and congratulation Mary Beckett - NDP Candidate for the Northwest Territories and Mumilaaq Qaqqaq - NDP Candidate for Nunavut for their campaigns.

Big congratulations to Mumilaaq who won Nunavut's seat in the House of Commons.

Congratulations to all of Yukon’s candidates. They too stepped up and put themselves out there because they care about making our communities better. We recognize their efforts in challenging the status quo to bring change to our lives. Respect.

A heartfelt thanks to you from me.

And thanks to Kate White for making this sign too!


Justin holding a thank you sign