Join the NDP

Building Canada with open minds and open hearts

Jagmeet Singh says that with love and courage we can build a better Canada. 

We want to build that better Canada by empowering everyday people. 

Inclusion means we talk to everyone in our communities – especially with people who feel they don’t have a voice. 

We talk to:

  • people who are homeless or housing insecure, 
  • people from other countries, customs, cultures and backgrounds, 
  • people challenged by their addictions or mental health,
  • people who live in poverty or are isolated by economic constraints,
  • people who don’t feel safe because others fear their sexual orientation or gender identity, 
  • people among us who experience oppression or violence,
  • people with varying abilities whether physical or mental,
  • people who are told they are too young or too old to feel like their voice counts,
  • people who are told they are different, 
  • people with opposing views, opinions and beliefs to our own, and
  • people labelled as other – instead of as us.

For us to address the issues in our communities and our territory, we can collectively come together to find solutions that work.